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GM Childrens Home is a 

sustainable environment for vulnerable youth in Uganda, where they can learn, grow and thrive as a family and community in the love of Christ.


We are a team of two Ugandans and two Americans, and we have built a home for vulnerable children. Our ministry is our greatest passion in life, and we thank our Father in Heaven for this opportunity to serve those in need and glorify His Holy name!


Our first biggest task was getting the childrens home constructed from the ground up, getting the kids in the home, and making sure their needs are taken care of.  We have big plans for many projects in the future to make this home a sustainable environment of hope and growth, for the children and the community.


All donations go towards 

maintaining construction of the home and school, feeding the children, and investing in sustainability projects. We have a lot of goals for the future!!! 

Two big ones currently:

a borehole for clean water and 

a brick making project to produce more funds !

Get Involved

We need funds more than anything else to finish construction. If you have other ideas on how you would like to contribute or get involved please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Please pray for our ministry and our children!!! 

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