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Our Projects.

Our projects now and in the future will provide safety, shelter, health, nourishment, education, empowerment, support and well being to vulnerable children.  We cant wait to discover their gifts and abilities, and provide opportunities for them to grow.  We aim to secure a better, more sustainable future for themselves and their families within the body of Christ.  

Construction of the home

Our first priority is to finish construction on the home.  It is mostly finished and the family is living in the home, but there are a lot of projects needing to be finished. 


The floors are unfinished, as well as the exterior of the building needs plaster. We need to plaster the walls, and we need to wire for electricity.  We need faceboards, paint, and much more.

We have also started constructing a school, that needs many finishing touches to fully complete it. 


Click the donate tab if you want to be a hero to these kids and support these needs so we can finish construction!

In the future we would like to implement many sustainable technologies and projects, as well as providing these children with the best care that we can.  The possibilities in this ministry are endless, and we are grateful for every blessing the Lord provides. 
Thank you for your interest and support, and for coming alongside us in this journey! Stay tuned for many projects and developments still to come!
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