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We have moved!

Its official! George, Margret, the children and staff are in the new home!

We are looking for funding to cover the cost of glass for the windows, as well as many other needs you can read about on our projects page. Help us spread the word to anyone who can help, and donations of any amount are helpful!

We are EXTREMELY grateful and appreciative to all who have donated. The children and family are now in a safer home, and we praise God for all he has provided through all of our wonderful supporters.

Unfortunately during the move, Georges car was stolen. It was recovered by police, it was basically gutted and abandoned, and now they must pay investigation fees to the police. Please help us pray for 5 things:

1) Support to cover the rest of construction costs.

2) Safety and warmth for the children in the meantime.

3) Support to help George and Margret with the money they owe the police.

4) Support for a new vehicle!

5) Praise to God for the home nearing completion and all the progress we have made in this ministry! Hallelujah!

Thank you for reading, we appreciate your interest, and welcome you to our team.

Have a great day!!

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