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We have glass in our windows!

We are so excited to announce that we now have glass in our windows!

God said he would make a way and he sure did! What a wonderful provider he is.

Our next steps will be plastering the walls, making the ceiling and floors smooth, wiring for electricity, and much, much more! Of course, Jacob and I would love to be getting on a plane to go see our Ugandan brothers and sisters in their new home, but we are trying to finish fundraising for construction completion first, and then we will fundraise for travel as well.

The police recovered Georges car on the outskirts of town after it was stolen, it was abandoned and stripped of tires, wheels, battery, and some personal belongings that were in his car. Now he needs money to repair the car, or get a new one. We are praying for provision in this area as it is much easier to get water for the family with the car!

We are really doing this! It has been a great year and a half of this ministry so far, and we look forward to so many years to come : )

Hallelujah! God is good.

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