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We are so proud to have our website up, and even more proud to know that our kids are safe in our freshly constructed home.

Thank you to all who have kept us afloat thus far.

This fall season we are praying for financial provision to finish plastering of the walls, ceiling and floors. Without this step the home is very dusty and this is not good for the children. We also need to get Georges car fixed because they really need to have reliable transportation for so many reasons.

Obviously it is a huge strain on our hearts to be so far away from the home when we want to see it in person and to see the children, our Ugandan family. We really want to finish the construction completely, before we fundraise for travel costs to visit Uganda once again, our second home. We cannot wait to go back and see our friends, we have many plans for the future regarding educational opportunities, sustainability projects, and a bright healthy future for these lovely children.

We hope that all are enjoying the beginning of fall, please pray for our success in fundraising, and if God has laid it on your heart to become a support in this ministry please contact us! We are excited to hear from you!

We are hoping to end out the year with a few events, we will keep you updated when things are more developed- stay tuned. Praying for all to have a purpose-filled day,

with love, peace & gratitude,

Stephanie Mauvlyn Braun-Hanks

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