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A Letter From Our Founders

Dear Friends, On behalf of Gm children’s ministry, I want to send to you our grateful thanks for supporting us in the struggle of building the Gm children’s home, and three classrooms that will cater for accommodation of 20 fulltime orphans and vulnerable children and also the education of about 65 children among which 45 children are vulnerable and on part time program. Despite the financial challenges we have, we have maintained an enduring sense of hope, thanks to the generosity of our donors and those that have supported us.

In 2015 we started a Nursery school in a temporary structure, in a church compound just to care for the education of the children between 2 years to 10 years hence reducing on the school fees and other school requirements that were becoming so hard for us to take these children to public schools.

However, when we moved to our permanent children’s home about 40 kilometers away, it has become so hard to be transporting the children from the orphanage home to school every day.

We took a loan and started to build a three class rooms on the compound of the children’s home, however with the financial challenge, still we are not able to finish this project in time as we had expected.

All this has been achieved because of your prayers and financial support. With your help last year and this year, we were able to buy land and build house with a living room, dining room, three children’s bedrooms, an office, a guest room, children play room, and a good toilet inside, and a good compound behind for children to play in.

Water and electricity is our biggest need and challenge in the home, we buy water every day and it is very expensive to maintain and it is coming from contaminated river which we feel in a long run may bring problems to the health of our children. We pray that someday, a water harvest system be put in place to help with water.

On electricity we managed to get a three bulbs solar system, to the children’s home which only provides light in only three rooms not covering the whole house, for your information this small solar was donated to us by a well-wisher. There is electricity in this community but with financial challenges we have, we cannot afford to connect electricity to the children’s home, when we get funds, then we can be able to connect electricity.

The two main problems we have at the moment is to finish the children’s home, we need plastering walls, ceilings walls, inside doors, wiring of electricity,paintings,and face boards etc.

The school which is the most crucial part in this children’s home, needs also a lot of support to be finished with roofing poles, doors, plastering’s of walls etc.

We would also like you to know that, as a ministry dedicated to caring for orphans and vulnerable, we have been operating as a community based organization covering one district but through the ministry of Gender, we have been cleared to submit our paperwork for N.G.O status and am happy to tell you that we have been approved by the nongovernmental organization in Uganda and in our next update I will attach our certificate and permit of operation.

One of our sources of income as been farming, as I speak now, we did not have good harvest last year and neither do we have funds to continue farming. We pray for more funds that can boost our farming system so that we can continue to do farming.

Friends the needs are still many, sometimes we want to give up, but God gives us the courage to go on, As we celebrate all we have accomplished, let's also remember that one little hand by one little hand and one little heart by one little heart we have the power to finish this home and school and make life better for these orphans and vulnerable children tomorrow than it is today.

Gm children’s ministry is currently operating with a minimum number of 65 youth and children in the program. With 20 fulltime children in a rented apartment, however, there are many youth and children who are victims of the circumstances and are given a helping hand. We hope to expand our programs to rescue many more of the affected children after this home and school has been finished.

Our goals

  • Reduce the vulnerability of children through provision of basic needs such as food, education, healthcare, clothing and shelter.

  • Promote the rights and safety of children.

  • Shelter and house orphans, abused, abandoned and needy children by giving them a home that they can belong to and count on as their family for life.

  • Let’s strive to make this home and school for the orphans by being generous NOW.

George and Margret

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