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Construction Progress at 77%!

Dear friends of GM Children's Home Ministry,

We want to take a moment to thank everyone for their generous financial and prayer support to this children's ministry in Uganda, Africa.

Since we started this campaign a little over 2 years ago, we have seen enormous progress in reaching our goal of $15,000 to complete the construction of the ministry's children's home building. To date $11,583 has been raised which puts us just over 77% of our goal!!!

So far with these funds, a remarkable amount of construction has been completed, here are the major milestones:

1) George and Margret acquired the land to build the home (about a half acre plot).

2) The 9 room, children's home is constructed, complete with a roof, doors, and windows.

3) George, Margret and the children left the major city of Entebbe, where they were renting a small apartment, and went to the city outskirts to move into the new children's home while final construction is being completed.

The remaining $3,417 needed, will finish the:

1) Plastering the interior walls on the remaining 3 rooms (there are 9 rooms total, 6 are finished).

2) Plastering exterior walls.

3) Inside doors and frames.

4) Painting of the home.

5) Attach face-boards (so in the future rain-gutters can be installed to capture and store rainwater.)

6) Erect a brick fence around the GMCH home and a metal entrance gate (this is a must for the children's safety and to deter theft of vehicles, construction materials, etc. Surrounding brick fences are a common practice in Uganda where there are many people living together).


This spring, George and Margret took out a local micro loan to build a school on their land beside the home. They are still needing a roof, doors and windows - but the main structure is built!!!

Once complete the GMCH children will attend for free - thereby saving the ministry money on school fees. Local kids from the community will also attend the school and will pay small fees to cover operating expenses, making the school financially self sufficient. In addition to this school saving the ministry money by eliminating school fees for the GMCH children, the school building will also serve as a church on the weekends and during school breaks, to give the GMCH and local children in their neighborhood a place for fellowship and discipleship opportunities. The structure is not completed, so any additional donations are welcome to complete the school building. George and Margret have been operating a small scale school in the city, which is a ministry of Margret's church and the project has been a success, now with that experience they saw building a school on-site for the GMCH and other community children as a perfect opportunity to expand their ministry and reduce their expenses on paying so many children's school fees each semester.

THANK YOU- for all you have done for these children! Your continued sacrifice and generosity has been a huge inspiration to all of us, and has blessed the lives of many. We appreciate your support and contributions to this ministry and community. Enjoy the rest of your week : )


Stephanie and Jacob Hanks

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