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Twins and Pigs!

We have twins now at GM Childrens Home! These twins were abandoned and they are very happy now to be home. Interestingly enough, there is another set of twins living in harsh conditions who want to come live at GMCH as well, we are working on getting all the kids needs met so we can continue to accept more children.

The last two months we have been planning and working on our newest project-Pig Farming! Our Ugandan Ministry partners have learned about pig farming from others and now thanks to our loyal and generous donors, we have pigs! Our plan is to get 15 piglets, and use the profits from those to pay for the finishing of our school, which still does not have a roof. We got a wonderful donation(THANK YOU) that allowed us to buy 5 piglets, so we are starting with those and we will go from there. We are also considering getting a loan to finish the school roof this month.

We are sharing a room with a neighbor who also has pigs in these pictures, we are building a space for ours to be separated. 5 of the pigs are ours. : )

Any donations at this point in time, will go towards:

  • meeting the needs of our current children

  • the finishing of school construction

  • the expansion of our pig farming project

  • starting on getting electricity in the home

We have a long list of needs, projects and plans lined up and we are excited about our progress!


Anyone who wants to donate can do so at and as always THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts and souls for supporting us and the little ones in our care!

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