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Will you be light?

We are selling shirts to raise enough money to get electricity in our childrens home by 2017!! Who can help?!

buy a shirt!

If you take a moment and imagine living every day without electricity, your life would look very differently. There are many opportunities and advantages to having light, and there are many challenges that arise when you live in darkness. Electricity is something that most of us take for granted and never even think about. Most of us haven't ever had to live without it unless we enjoy traveling to 3rd world countries or going on camping trips.

Our children at GM Childrens Home in Uganda live without electricity every single day. Think of all the things you do all day that require electricity. They cannot do any of those things. Think of how it would be to live in darkness each day after the sun goes down. This is how they live.

We want a safer, more secure life, for our kids. They would greatly benefit from the safety, productivity, and opportunities that electricity will bring to them. We are called to be a light into the darkness. This is an opportunity for us to see how blessed and rich we truly are, and share with those who do not have something we couldn't imagine living without. Will you be light?

buy a shirt!

if you dont need a shirt, click here to donate!

For anyone who needs to start their own shirt fundraiser, use this link and we can both raise extra money ; )

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