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This has been a very busy fall for us at GM Childrens Ministry!


Our ministry partner George in Uganda became ill with bacteremia, but after several weeks of treatment he is feeling much better. PLEASE keep this man in your prayers!

CONGRATULATIONS to Burungi Sarah on her new marriage! She was at GM Childrens Home for a year and a half. George had the privilege of wedding the couple in Margrets church.

Our kids were able to go swimming at a childrens park this month and they had a great time : )

We (Jake and Steph) are planning a trip to Uganda by the end of the year. When we come back to the US we will be bringing George back with us for his first trip to the US! We also will be bringing back a child we are in the process of adopting, he will be here for medical treatment. We are doing everything in our power to get GMCH in a more sustainable condition by the end of the year.

Our pigs are doing great, eating a lot, and growing! We are planning on getting more pigs as funds allow, and to build a better living area for them. We are excited about our first income generating project at the home. : )

END OF YEAR GOALS! (Only two more months in 2016!)

We have 5 big goals for the end of 2016. (YES. FIVE!)

1) To finish construction on GM Childrens primary school. This will cost $1500 for roofing. This saves the children from having to pay school fees elsewhere and also will be income generating if other non-orphaned children pay a small fee to attend school there.

donate here

2) To start putting in electricity! We posted about our need for electricity. and our tshirt fundraiser to raise funds by the end of the year. This will cost $700.

you can donate here


buy a shirt here!

3) To give our children a nice end of year celebration. We just want to bring them some toys, buy them some clothes, put some supplies in their school, and feed them a nice meal.

you can donate here or check this list of items we are collecting to take to UGANDA.

4) Set up an extra savings account for Margret and the kids to have some added financial security while George is in the USA. donate here.

5) Adding a fence around the property and possibly hiring security, neighbors have complained about our kids, and people have tried to poison the kids multiple times. donate here.

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS AND SOULS for helping us in this journey. We could accomplish nothing without God, and without our generous and sacrificing donors. You guys are the lifeline in this ministry! We look forward to our trip, finally seeing IN PERSON the progress we have made in this ministry in 3 years, and spending time with those we miss deeply, the people we love so dearly.. THANK YOU.

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