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THANK YOU for bringing electricity and education to GM Childrens Home!

Important Updates!

We are getting electricity very soon, our school roof is finished, and we have started constructing a fence around the home and school. THANK YOU to our generous donors who for making these accomplishments possible!

Margret and many of our children became ill with malaria, everyone is feeling much better, thank you for praying with us during those hard times!

We (Steph and Jake) planned to travel to Uganda in December, but we are still waiting on approval of medical visa for our son. We plan to travel to GM Childrens Home in late January or February.

The children were able to get clothing for Christmas, and a donor has donated so they can also have a nice meal.

Thanks for your prayers and generosity, enjoy your holidays! Love, Stephanie and Jacob Hanks!

(A holiday letter from George and Margret)


Dear Friends and Family, I hope this letter finds you well, enjoying the holiday season with family and friends. This year has been difficult for myself and many of our children, but we want to thank you all for standing with us in prayers when the children and I got sick, and on top of that our only car our source of bread to this orphanage got mechanical problems, but still our hearts focus will be on the suffering children of the world. Gm children’s ministry is now in our 5th year of service to the orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children.

With your prayers and donations this year, we paid for a line of four poles of electricity which is soon going to be connected to the children’s home in two weeks time.

And we have just finished roofing a small school on the same compound with the children’s home and are hoping to be ready to start classes and accepting more children for the 2017 first term.

But however we are still limited financially we need about $2000 finish this project successfully. Would you please consider making a donation to help us finish plastering walls, windows, doors, and scholastic materials for these children’s school this season?

A one-time gift of any $ would help finish this work. Remember, any gift that you give will help a child have a better life today and a brighter future tomorrow. Thank you again and God bless you and your families this Christmas season and Happy New Year.

With appreciation, George & Margret

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