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You are appreciated.


As we begin to realize another year has passed, we wanted to reach out with gratitude. Thank you to all of you, for supporting this ministry financially and prayerfully. This community has surprised us time and again with abundant generosity. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

It was not an easy year for GM Childrens Home. We lost a teacher, Nyangoma, and a child, Helen, who are both dearly missed. May they rest in peace and may the Lord comfort us in our continued grief. There were many struggles to keep the children fed and healthy. We continue to ask for your prayers, that everyone be protected from malaria, typhoid, and other illnesses that have threatened many of us this year. God has been with us, never leaving us, through all difficulties. With the never-ending support and guidance of our Lord, plus the generosity and care from our supporters, we have continued joyfully in this ministry to and with the vulnerable youth of Uganda.

We have made much progress in our construction goals, on the home and school. We still need plastering of walls outside of both buildings, and the outside floors need concrete. We need to paint both buildings inside and outside. We are also still working to get electricity. Aside from construction we need to become much more financially stable, to allow us to better care for the childrens needs, and provide more opportunities for them. We are hoping the school, farming, and livestock projects will begin to help with this more, when there are no longer construction costs. We have many goals and dreams, but for now we are very grateful for the progress that has been made.

The American half of this ministry(Jacob and Stephanie), are planning to travel to Uganda very soon, in the new year. We ask for your prayers and support in this journey, and we are very excited! It will be so wonderful for us to all be together for a short time, we have become more than ministry partners in these last four years, we are now family.

Thank you again, for the tremendous amount of support and generosity you have extended to these wonderful kids, who are forever changed by this community!! We give all the glory to God! We pray warmth and wellness over your families as you enjoy the end of the year and the holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and THANK YOU-You are appreciated.

With gratitude,

Stephanie and Jacob Hanks, Margret and George Kiiza

PS- here are some photo from the recent graduation ceremony!

PPS- If you want to be a blessing this holiday season, you can donate at:

or contact us to donate via paypal.

We have many beautiful jewelry items available in our etsy shop, even some jewelry that the children made! It's beautiful!

There is also a list of items that can be donated to our kids, if you live locally we can pick up or you can mail donated items to us.

Thank you and be blessed.

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