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Approaching 5 years.

George, Margret, Jacob and myself met in Uganda in August of 2013. It has been a long and wild ride since then, more complicated, and more rewarding, than I could ever attempt to put into words here. We have continuously been in a state of shock and awe that the Lord would continue to use us, and provide for this ministry to continue doing His work. We have also been so humbled, and so grateful, at the steady trickle of support from our friends, family, and acquaintances who have continuously surprised us with their abundant generosity. We have learned a lot about sacrifice, and a lot about love. The unfailing support of God and the love from our community has really held us up and kept us going on this path.

I'm not sure I can put much more into words at the moment, we are all deeply reflecting on the past 5 years.

We have decided to delete our gofundme page that we set up years ago, it has served its purpose. It got the word out on what we planned to do, and the support we received there was overwhelming to say the least! We prefer to fund raise from this site, from this point forward. We are so appreciative of everyone who has supported us thus far, and look forward excitedly to the future of this ministry. If you want to donate, you can go to the donate button here, which will go to a paypal link.

The home and school are still being wrapped up, it's exciting to see things being completed, construction wise. We are very excited at the possibility to travel to Uganda, soon, and all be together once again in fellowship and ministry. Please Pray for us!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful, peaceful, and joyful weekend. Be Blessed! : )

Stephanie Mauvlyn Braun-Hanks

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