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Ive been terrible with words these last few years, but I hope this video will make up for it :)

It was so meaningful to spend time with the children, bonding and creating memories.

We brought jump ropes, some balls, yoyos and bubbles, and they were a huge hit.

I loved editing this video and listening to the kids bursting with excitement and just living in the pure joy of the moment.

In the beginning of the video you will see where some of the kids were trying to learn to jump rope *adorable* and then once the music kicks in you will see a bunch more cuteness. Somewhere in the middle of the video you will hear some squeals of delight as the twins scurry to catch bubbles, and hang in there until the end, when you see this childs face- you wont regret it. PURE JOY.

Wishing you some special moments of Pure Joy this Christmas Season, Im so excited to see what this next year holds.

Love, Stephanie

PS- I set up an amazon wishlist : )

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