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One of the coolest things about our last trip, was finally getting to see the school at GMCH. We got to see the kids in classes, playing on breaks, and we got to meet the teachers. There are 5 classrooms currently and we are actually building an additional one at the moment. We could not have done any of this without God and our supporters. THANKS Y'ALL!!

It was really surreal to see it all and think, wow... we did this- not WE meaning us ministry partners, but wow, thinking of all the people who came through to make this happen. Don't even know these kids, and still giving their hard earned money to change their lives : ) God really arranged it all so nicely we are forever impressed and grateful to be a part of it. I made a little video below that includes some footage of the classrooms and the kids in class. I also made sure to take a photo of each child, school picture style : ) If they look serious- it is because they have not grown up with cameras and people photographing them, it isn't really a part of their culture or daily life to smile on demand! They are seriously so cute though. I loved making this video and seeing how the photos came out, because I am missing them already! Its all good - because we are headed back to Uganda in 2 weeks!!!

I seriously cannot WAIT to see our kids again!! We are blessed beyond all measure just to be involved in their lives and their future. The cool thing about our ministry, is that its family. Although we have been blessed with loving and abundant biological family members, it has been truly wonderful to keep choosing more family members to add to our tribe! Although honestly we haven't sought them out, God has just continued to bless us and expand our circle of love and support. Please pray for our journey, our fundraising, our staff, our ministry partners, and our AMAZING KIDS!!!


[ GM Childrens Ministry = LOVE ]

We are grateful for you.

LOVE and LIGHT, Stephanie Mauvlyn Braun-Hanks

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