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Jessy and Carlos

Meet Jessy and Carlos ! Two of our precious kids at GM Childrens Home.

Carlos is recovering from malaria, please say a special prayer for him.

Currently at Gm Childrens Home we have a lot of struggles financially in providing for our kids. We dont really have monthly sponsors, well we have one! She has been with us for years and she is singlehandedly making a world of difference in these kids lives every month!! So we need monthly donors, even in small amounts, but one time donations also help a lot. We cant put together a budget or plan ahead, we are just winging it, and to be honest I personally need to crawl out of debt at some point. Its pretty stressful to have no available funds when kids need to eat and recieve medical treatment, but we just do the best we can knowing that God will provide and send the right people to participate in our ministry community along the way :) But we do need your prayers for provision and health for the kids!

You can donate to any time, in any amount!

I also set up a gofundme to help with our car payments, because we wanted to buy a car outright, but did not have the funding, so we have car payments. We have to have a vehicle, to help make income, to transport children in medical emergencies, to occasionally take them to visit family (especially if there is anything like covid, ebola, or goverment regulations about how many kids can be in a home or school, then we have to scurry and find any relatives or church members in the community that can help us with the kids temporarily) We also need to be able to transport food and supplies to the home from the market.

I linked the photo so you can just click the photo to reach the gofundme. So we are currently behind on car payments and its also hard for us to just scramble and find money to get the payments met while also trying to feed the kids, but we just keep doing our best. Having the car paid for will be a great success for us though. Thanks for your help!

Im also listing as many things as I can in my etsy shop, so I can continue providing for the ministry, because when there is an emergency and no funds... I pay it. Ive got debts to pay and bills to pay, although I just moved to Bolivia, so that is helping my expenses a bit as planned, but I still need to be able to have funds streaming in for the ministry if we dont have donors. I just love the penny necklaces that Ive listed and will continue to make more as I can. Any purchases made in my shop help out the ministry a great deal, and also my son in Uganda who is needing funds for his surgeries. Thanks so much and dont forget to check out the shop :)

I hope you have a lovely day!

Stephanie : )

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